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This hand-made Geode-style resin art is a stunning and breathtaking art piece. It is a wooden canvas with layers of resin, the theme of this piece is gold, black and turquoise , with gold and white line detailing. It's great if you would like to add some elegance to a room or wall. I think the colors flow and compliment each other quite well.
The piece has real quartz crystals and fireglass and glitter which shine and sparkle in the light. The canvas is basswood and was treated before resin application. The resin has a glossy and glass-like finish. 
The resin is high-quality epoxy and has UV stabilizers and HALS to prevent fading and yellowing. However, please keep in mind that everything gets affected by sunlight so it is encouraged to not hang this piece in direct sunlight. 
I would love to see what you ended up doing with the piece and how you decided to style and decorate it! Please leave a review letting me know your experience. 


Product Dimensions
Width: 24" 
Length: 24" 
Depth: 11/2" 
Weight: 9 lbs 

*Resin acts similar to glass when dry while having the strength of plastic. Resin is also heat resistant and waterproof.
**The resin is UV resistant and has HALs which prevent fading and yellowing which can occur naturally over time due to exposure to the sun. This resin is treated so those issues won't happen. However, is it highly encouraged you don’t hang this piece in direct sunlight. 

This product is handmade and made with high-grade materials built to last and be enjoyed over a lifetime. 

***Please ensure you read the dimensions properly before ordering***

If you experience any issues with delivery or shipment processing, please feel free to contact me and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for shopping and supporting my dreams. I appreciate your business!
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